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While I was reviewing and checking out a website to earn points , I by  mistake have put in the wrong background color and submitted the site . What should I do ? And who should I inform about this , if this happens in future again ?
asked in Voting Websites & Points by Social Master (750 points)

2 Answers

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I will contact the staff for an answer, but I do not think there are problems for once.

Anyway, I'll confirm. :)
answered by Senior Master (2k points)
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Is this first time? then keep going. Human can make mistakes. But red alerts will be there when you do it frequently. If you select wrong answers always, moderators will take actions. So You have freedom to select any answer, and also moderators have rights to lock wrong person. Be careful ...!!

PS: Sometime, human cannot identify colours very well but Bots do it very well :)
answered by Platinum Master (9.9k points)