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So I am using this website for quite a few days now and I have noticed that alexamaster has two domains . First is alexamaster.com and another is alexamaster.net . Why is this ? Keeping the whole website under one domain seems more practical unless it was done for SEO. Also the forum is in '.com' TLD ...so is it because of the forum or what ?
asked in Websites & Traffic by Social Master (750 points)

1 Answer

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I think there would be some reasons behind it, and I think the most reason is because they are arraid that people are using "alexamaster.com" domain to make alexamaster for other usage. It used to be nothing, which has no one was using it. Also, they can get double SEO's from google, because they have two domain, but that's not the most reason, because you can just create the subdomain by that. Also, Alexamaster.com redirect to Alexamaster.net while you clicked something, that shows that thir main site is Alexamaster.net not alexamaster.com. There might have other reason, but I think this is the reason.
answered by Junior Master (180 points)