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Why do I have to register for forum separately ? Why not combine the alexamaster accounts and forum accounts . That way we could share the points and the forum will be visible to users as well . As of now it is not listed in the side bar of alexamaster website and nobody new will know about it unless they are told or they search for it.
asked in Login & Registration by Social Master (750 points)

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Considering following points, we decided to separate the forum from our system.

  1. Blocked users must be able to contact us for resolution.
  2. System and Forum must be separated by considering security.
  3. Forum is the place we identify active users among others. We must calculate their points separately, unlike system does.
  4. Not good to put all eggs in one basket !!!
But I agree that we need to promote this forum more in system. Menu is getting longer and it's not the place to put this link :(
answered by Platinum Master (9.9k points)
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