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What is the least amount of points I will get for checking out a video from earn points section ? I have seen the lowest point 8 . Does it go lower than that too ?
asked in Videos & Views by Social Master (750 points)
From the time frame that I have been doing the votes which means going at it for 48 hours daily. I was able to end up with 4 points. Although it does not stay on that the longest. It goes stable with the 8 points most of the time.  
So far as going about whether it be it 4 points to 8 points it would be better that one for I have noticed that 3 points would at least equal to $.00010. Autosurf would be considered good if you want to do less job or action.
I hope some of this details can help somehow. And it would at least give you an idea of how you can earn best.

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Hi abhishek0kumar1,

Thanks for your question. Alexa master gives us an opportunity to earn points by watching video. Till now I have got at least 8 points per video.

Thank you


answered by Senior Master (1.6k points)