Author Topic: Low traffic or No traffic issues  (Read 1603 times)


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Low traffic or No traffic issues
« on: February 10, 2016, 04:47:13 PM »
Low Traffic Issues

If you target country based traffic, then your traffic will depend on the population of that country. As an example, If you need traffic from South Korea, It will take more days than traffic from USA. This is normal.

Further, if your web server is not powerful, then it will be unavailable under a huge traffic. Then you lose so many visitors and your traffic tracking system can show low traffic on their graphs. This issue comes from your end and we are unable to help on it.

No Traffic Issues

If you get no traffic after a payment, then there can be different cases that stop receiving traffic from us.
  • Your website is under reviewing. You have to wait few hours.
  • You have added a wrong web address (URL). Just check twice and contact us.
  • Check your tracking scripts (Ex: Google Analytic code) carefully. There can be issues with tracking scripts.
  • Check your Server. There can be some issues.

Anyway, we don't send traffic for websites that show Pornography, PopUp or PopOver ads. Also, we don't support Malware sites. If your site goes under any category above, you will get Not Traffic from us.