Author Topic: Just 0.25 Points from Autosurf  (Read 1800 times)


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Just 0.25 Points from Autosurf
« on: February 14, 2016, 02:32:05 PM »
Some people complain us that they earn only 0.25 Points from Autosurf. Let us explain why it happens.

As always we say, we need to spread our money over a lot of members. So there is a smart limit for Autosurf pages. If you open a lot of Autosurf pages, the system will identify you as a bot and it will decrease your income. Unfortunately, this limit has no number. As developer explain, you can open up to 50 Autosurf pages without any trouble. But sometime this limit goes to 100 because, it is connected with Apache usage.

Please understand, we want to share our money with everyone. We know there are members who have more than 200 VPS. But we have to limit this. We plan to install special hardware later and then we will remove this smart block. At this moment, our server needs to run as it runs.

If you hate this smart limit, you can blame us. But just understand, it can make more people happy!